5 Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

During the fall in Tennessee, daily high temperatures decrease by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. With this weather change, comes changes in your home.

To stay cozy, you might crank up your thermostat a few degrees. Before doing this, make sure your system is working properly.

Keep reading to learn five fall HVAC maintenance tips.

1. Keep the Vents Clean

Part of general HVAC maintenance is keeping the vents clean, but this is especially important in the fall.

Dust and debris build up in your unit during the summer. As fall rolls around, you’ll want to check for this debris and eliminate it. Even a small amount of dust buildup can decrease the efficiency of your unit.

If you haven’t changed your air filters in a while, complete this maintenance requirement during the fall.

It’s recommended to change air filters at least every three months to keep your system efficient and improve indoor air quality.

2. Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Fall HVAC maintenance also involves cleaning your outdoor unit. Autumn leaves will cover your unit. Although pretty, they can cause hazards.

Leaves can become lodged in your outdoor unit and become a fire hazard. Twigs, dust, dirt, and pollen will accumulate as well.

Keep your outdoor unit free of debris to save you repair costs in the future.

3. Check Your Thermostat

To ensure your HVAC system isn’t being overworked, test your thermostat in the fall. If your thermostat responds as it should by displaying an accurate temperature reading, you’ll know it’s functioning properly.

Those with programmable thermostats should review their settings during the fall. Make sure the thermostat is programmed for the change in the weather.

4. Prevent Buildup or Clogging in the Drain Line

Your heating and cooling system will suffer from a clog in the condensate drain line. Those that know how to access their condensate drain line can create a solution to help prevent clogs.

You can pour water with a small bit of bleach down the line to prevent drains.

If you believe you have a block in your drain already, it’s best to call in HVAC professionals to fix the problem. Regular maintenance can prevent problems like this so you won’t have to worry about them.

5. Schedule Maintenance

Fall is the perfect time to schedule home maintenance to ensure your HVAC system is working effectively. HVAC maintenance is always helpful and necessary, but an inspection can go a long way.

Regular professional HVAC maintenance can extend the life of your system and keep energy costs low as the weather changes.

Do You Need Fall HVAC Maintenance?

Whether you conduct regular maintenance or are behind on your HVAC maintenance, consider these tips for the fall season.

Keeping vents and outdoor units clean can prevent high costs and debris buildup. Checking and programming your thermostat can prepare your home for weather changes.

Prevent buildup or clogging in the drain line by creating a bleach and water solution. Lastly, schedule professional maintenance to have your system inspected.

For all of your heating and cooling needs, contact us today.

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