5 Fantastic Tips for Winterizing Your Home

The holiday season is about family time, fun, and cheer. However, you’re in for a miserable experience if you don’t take the time to winterize your home.

The home heating market is growing at a 5% rate, which shows that getting your home ready for winter is always in demand. This is a core part of home winterization, and you’ll stay warm and toasty when you combine this with some other vital steps.

So which steps are most helpful in getting your home winter-ready? We’re glad you asked.

The points below will help you out when you’d like to learn more about winterizing your home.

1. Get Your Gutters Looked at Clean Them Before Winter

Cleaning your gutters is one of the absolute best ways to winterize your home. You’re leaving your home open to substantial damage if your gutters aren’t able to freely expel water and send it away from your roof.

Gutters are also prone to freezing during the winter, making this repair service all the more important. Clean the gutters twice each year and have a professional fix any leaks or damage.

2. Have an HVAC Professional Inspect and Fix Your Systems

HVAC maintenance should be high on your checklist for winterizing your home.

Your furnace will keep kicking through the seasons if you have it professionally inspected and repaired if necessary. When your furnace is old and weathered, you might also need to look into getting a replacement.

There is an assortment of HVAC products you can look into that will improve your home heating without becoming a burden to your finances or home as a whole.

3. Add Insulation When Needed

Insulation works in concert with your furnace to keep you nice and warm. Get the insulation inspected so that you know whether it’s working correctly, or if it needs improvements.

Finding quality insulation is one of the most essential tips about winterizing your home that you should consider. A professional will measure R-Values and help you to install new foam board, spray foam, batt and roll, and other types of insulation.

4. Cut and Trim Nearby Trees

Consider the trees that you have near your property, and whether or not they’ll pose a hazard. Tall trees that get weighed down by winter precipitation and blown by wind can damage your roof and house, and potentially threaten the lives of your family members.

A tree professional can trim branches or cut down the entire tree for you depending on what is necessary.

5. Store Your Outdoor Furniture Pieces

Make life easier for yourself by also shoring up your deck or patio furniture. These pieces can get weighed down by the snow, experience corrosion, or get blown over by the wind.

You can DIY winterizing your home by taking care of your outdoor furniture before snow hits the ground. Consider investing in a storage shed that can keep every piece of furniture in good condition.

Consider This Guide to Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing your home will help you make it through even the most brutal storms and temperatures. This is a matter that every homeowner has to consider, particularly if you live in frigid climates.

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