Beat The Lebanon, Tennessee Heat With Energy-Smart Cooling Tips

You don’t have to sweat this summer in the pursuit of conserving energy. Following a few basic tips from the team at Bentley’s Air Conditioning can greatly enhance your home’s comfort and shave some serious dollars off your utility bill.

Tweak Your Thermostat
Cooling your home at 78º or warmer with the fan switch on “auto” can provide the best balance between comfort and savings. For extra savings, raise the thermostat to 82º when you’re not home.

Keep Your Unit Clean & Clear
Be sure to clean or change your air filter about once a month, and always use the proper size. It is also important to keep your outside unit clear of debris to avoid blocking the airflow.

Seal Cracks in Windows and Doors
Sealing small cracks and crevices (less than ¼ inch wide) between a window or door frame and the molding can save 10% of more on your cooling bills and reduce your carbon emissions by hundreds of pounds.

Upgrade Your Insulation
For Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee homes built before 1985, it may be necessary to upgrade insulation to reduce cooling and heating costs and make your indoor environment more comfortable.

Maintain Airflow
Keep interior doors and vents open to help circulate the air. The strategy of closing certain doors and vents can actually be counterproductive to maintaining comfort and energy efficiency.

Take Note Of Changes
Small problems, like a system cycling on and off more frequently, offer a timely opportunity to ward off full failure. By calling for service as soon as you notice anything unusual, you can prevent the expense and inconvenience of a big repair job. You’ll also avoid the higher utility bills that go hand and hand with a faltering air conditioning system.

Consider Buying a Newer, More Efficient A/C Unit
If your system is much over 10 years old, it may be near the end of its lifecycle. Purchasing a new unit can nab impressive gains in operating efficiency and energy savings. It’s a big decision. Ask a trusted Lebanon, Tennessee air conditioning contractor like Bentley’s Air Conditioning for input on equipment that would work best for you.

If you need information or help executing any of the tips above, call your local air conditioning experts at Bentley’s any time. We’ll sweat the details, so you don’t have to!

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