How Can Buying a New HVAC Save You Money?

Do you know how old your HVAC unit is? If it’s over ten years old, it may be costing you more money than it’s worth. You may have been starting to notice some issues with it, or had to pay for repairs.

If this is the case, it may be time to get a new HVAC installed. Continue reading to learn how the new HVAC can help you save money.


Depending on how old your HVAC system is, it may no longer be under a warranty. Typically, most HVAC systems have a five-year warranty or in some cases, ten years after.

A warranty covers certain repairs and costs that arise in your HVAC system. Without it, you will be responsible for paying all the costs of repairs, which can be expensive.

When getting a new HVAC system, ask about brand warranties. Each HVAC system brand will have unique offers within its warranties, so think about that when choosing a new HVAC. 

Smart Technology

HVAC systems installed before 2007 do not have smart thermostat technology features. Most older models only have simple on and off controls.

Buying a new HVAC will give you access to this smart thermostat technology, which can save you money. Some smart thermostat companies estimate users save an average of ten percent on their electricity bill.

Smart thermostats allow you to adjust temperature settings from anywhere with the help of your phone. Thus you can adjust the temperature according to when no one is home. You can also schedule automatic temperature changes for efficiency.

Fewer Repairs

An older HVAC is more likely to develop serious functioning problems if they are not properly maintained. Most HVAC systems start developing severe problems after ten to twelve years.

Some of these problems include leaking, inefficiencies, electrical failure, and so on. On average, spend $293 on just one repair. Although average repair costs range from $75 to $2,900.

A new HVAC system may seem like a large expense, but it will save you more money down the road. For reference, The U.S. Department of Energy estimates a 10 to 40 percent reduction in costs from newer models since new HVACs are able to increase the quality and air control.


The efficiency of HVACs follows the SEER rating system or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. It asses the heating and cooling output of each known HVAC system.

Older HVAC models have a SEER rating of ten and below, whereas newer models have a rating higher than ten. If its rating is below ten, it’s costing you money.

Those with higher SEER ratings also use less electricity while in use. Also, they regulate the temperatures inside the home better.

Get a New HVAC Today

There are so many benefits to installing a new HVAC system in your home. We hope you learned how it can help you save.

If you’re interested in getting a new HVAC system today, contact us here at Bentley’s Air Conditioning. We would love to help you and answer any questions you may have today.

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