How The R-22 Refrigerant Phaseout Impacts Your A/C System In 2020 And Beyond

Years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared R-22 refrigerant an ozone-depleting substance and manufacturers were ordered to stop producing R-22 air conditioning units as of 2010. F forward to today, and the phase out of R-22 A/C systems is nearing the end.

If you have an existing R-22 system in your Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee home that needs repair or is close to the end of its operational lifecycle, you have three options:

  1. Leave In Place: Your aging system will eventually require an increased amount of maintenance. After the phase-out, a system with R-22 cannot be serviced, causing longer downtime once it fails. This is strongly discouraged. 
  2. Convert: If you try and convert to an alternative refrigerant not designed for an older system, operating efficiency will be greatly affected. This is not recommended. 
  3. Replace: For peak performance and immediate and long-term return on your investment, the Bentley’s Air Conditioning team suggests transitioning to R-410A equipment sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Installing A New R-410A A/C System

Energy Efficiency. New systems with R-410A refrigerant are designed to be more efficient. Installing one will significantly reduce energy costs and increase your comfort and satisfaction.

Warranty. New systems fall under the manufacturer’s registered warranty typically covering the cost of parts for 10 years from the date of purchase.

Maintenance. Newer systems require much less maintenance, freeing you from service and repair headaches.

In a world of rising refrigerant requirements and efficiency standards, Trane air conditioners are the R-410A equipment solution that creates all the right advantages for Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee area homeowners.

Count on them to keep your home cooling costs low … and your family’s comfort high.

To proactively replace your R-22 A/C system, call the experts at Bentley’s Air Conditioning and learn about Trane’s line-up of energy efficient R-410A air conditioners.

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