Keeping Your HVAC Warranty From Waving Goodbye

Air conditioning and heating systems are complicated machines. Having a warranty in place can provide valuable protection against the costs of repair or replacement for Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee homeowners.

The problem is, many people think their warranty is automatically active and in good standing. Not necessarily. The experts at Bentley’s Air Conditioning would like you to be aware of three ways your HVAC warranty could wave goodbye when you need it most.

  1. Skipping Maintenance. Most warranties call for cooling and heating equipment to be installed, repaired, and maintained by a licensed professional HVAC technician. If you’re tempted to save money by not scheduling annual professional tune-ups, that gamble can leave you paying far more if you have a major problem and your warranty turns out to be invalid. Bentley’s Air Conditioning offers an annual maintenance plan that improves performance, avoids costly breakdowns, and keeps your warranty intact.
  2. Hiring Unlicensed Help. Trying to save money by using handymen and other part-timers to install and service your equipment is risky business. It’s a choice that exposes you to safety issues, inefficient operating costs, more breakdowns, and a voided warranty. The Bentley’s Air Conditioning team always follows approved repair and installation guidelines and uses manufacturer-approved parts.
  3. Neglecting To Register. Typically, you are required to register your warranty within 60 days of installation. Very often you’ll have the option of doing it online, by mail, or over the phone. This normally covers at least 10 years. Make sure you also have proof of purchase from a licensed HVAC contractor like Bentley’s Air Conditioning.

Keeping the cooling and heating equipment in your Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee home under an active warranty is one of the most important things you can do … and one of the easiest to overlook. When in doubt, call the pros at Bentley’s Air Conditioning for guidance in making sure your new unit is properly registered.

Then say hello to covered service and goodbye to warranty woes.

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