Make Your Home The Cool Spot All Summer With A Spring Maintenance Check

Before the summer season heats up, it’s a good idea to have your A/C system checked out by a Bentley’s Air Conditioning maintenance expert. Your Bentley’s technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your home comfort system and tune it up to improve performance and avoid costly breakdowns.

Seasonal maintenance of your Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee cooling system is the best insurance to keep your home comfortable through summer’s most extreme heat. Our service covers:

System Diagnostics: By performing system diagnostics such as verifying airflow through the evaporator coil, confirming that controls are operating safely, and checking electric control sequence, your Bentley’s technician can ensure that your system consistently starts, runs and shuts off properly.

Refrigerant Levels: Veer too high or too low with your refrigerant level, and the efficiency and durability of your system can suffer significantly. We’ll check and adjust as needed.

Ductwork Leaks: Air escaping the duct system because of leaks, holes and bad connections wastes cooling capacity and increases energy use. We’ll make sure you’re air tight and leak free.

Maintenance Needs: By doing a thorough inspection, hidden maintenance needs such as the cleaning and adjusting of blowers, loose connections, clogged condensate drains, electrical issues and more can be addressed before they grow into major problems.

Prevent breakdowns. Enjoy peak comfort and performance. Save money on energy costs. The Bentley’s Air Conditioning spring maintenance check and tune-up is just what you need to keep your Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee home cool all summer long.

We sweat the details, so you can relax.

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