Save Energy And Money With These Waste-Curbing Home Comfort Moves

The Bentley’s Air Conditioning team is grateful that people call us when they have problems with their heating and cooling systems. After all, that’s our business and passion as Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee service professionals. But identifying and correcting wasted energy problems to save you money is another area of expertise we like to share.

Here are some home comfort moves that can save you big bucks over the course of the year.

Preventative Maintenance. Even minor issues can affect cooling and heating performance, which means your equipment will work harder and use more energy to keep your home comfortable. Regular maintenance keeps problems in check and ensures existing ones are fixed before they get worse.

Energy Audits. A home energy audit lets you know the true energy efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment and other appliances. The audit can include an examination of utility bills as well as an inspection of your whole house to measure energy consumption, identify possible concerns and suggest improvements.

Thermostat Upgrades. A programmable thermostat helps you control cooling and heating performance both when you’re home and away. Picking the right thermostat is a crucial step to minimizing energy waste. The experts at Bentley’s Air Conditioning can recommend a model that fits your home and lifestyle.

Insulation Adjustments. In an under-insulated home, the outside temperature can negatively impact the conditioned air indoors. If air is escaping from or leaking into your house through the walls, ceiling and floor, the efficiency of your heating and cooling system will be reduced and your energy bills will rise accordingly. We can check and adjust for maximum performance.

A large portion of the monthly utility costs for your Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee home comes from the cooling and heating system. Consider making energy smart moves like these to curb waste and keep comfort going strong.

For more tips that add up to bigger energy and money savings, call the pros at Bentley’s Air Conditioning.

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