The Hidden Dangers Of Hiding Your A/C Unit

In our years of serving the Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee area, the Bentley’s Air Conditioning team has seen homeowners go to great lengths to hide their outdoor A/C units.

While we understand the desire to conceal equipment for aesthetic reasons, we strongly  recommend keeping the following considerations in mind.

Allow Adequate Airflow
Many homeowners hide their air conditioner condenser by enclosing it behind a fence, screen or latticework. To prevent overheating and breakdowns, make sure you leave room around your unit for ample airflow. We recommend a minimum of 12 inches of clearance around all sides of the air conditioner and five feet above it. Avoid boxing in your unit with a solid structure and always provide ventilation through large lattices or screens.

Ensure Unit Accessibility  
If you want to obscure your A/C condenser, make sure a Bentley’s Air Conditioning technician can safely reach it to perform repairs and maintenance. Never install permanent structures close to your unit that would obstruct a service professional from being able to gain access.

Keep Pests Away
We’ve seen Lebanon – Wilson County, Tennessee homeowners plant some nice gardens around their air conditioner condensers in an effort to beautify the space. The problem is that those gardens can attract pests that cause damage. Make sure any plants used near your condenser are far enough away to not draw squirrels or mice.

Your outdoor A/C unit is a vital component of your home comfort system. Give it some space, let it breathe, and call the experts at Bentley’s Air Conditioning if it needs some care and attention.

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